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Sky Ocean Rescue – Removing Plastics from Our Seas

Over eight million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year, killing sea life. Now, new evidence says it's also entering our food chain with unknown health effects.

It’s a worrying situation so we were very encouraged to hear that Sky News has used its voice to educate people about the problem, and work towards tackling this environmental crisis.

The company has started their Sky Ocean Rescue campaign to bring the issues of ocean health to life and discuss potential solutions. The campaign will kick off with a special one-hour documentary showing how plastics are affecting our oceans. The campaign, backed by the Prince of Wales, will also explore the different ways people can help to make a difference and will aim to inspire people to take action.


What’s more, Sky is not only talking the talk, but also taking real steps to address this within its own business. Sky News is starting the change at its own offices by removing all plastic water bottles, plastic cups, straws, and all office cutlery is made from corn-starch.

Our ocean makes up three-quarters of our planet. No matter where we live, we all depend on the ocean and our everyday choices make a big impact. So next time you are at the supermarket doing your weekly shop think glass, it is a material that treads more gently on the Earth. Moreover, glass is made from natural materials is 100 per cent recyclable and better for your health.


For more information about the campaign visit and join conversation online following hashtag #OceanRescue.