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Choosy Mums Choose Glass

Choosy Mums Choose Glass

When it comes to your baby’s health and safety, nothing is too good. In 2011, the EU officially banned the sale of BPA in baby bottles. Since then, other countries like France have even begun to completely eliminate it from all of their food packaging. When it comes to your baby’s health – be choosy. Choose glass.

You know that feeling you get when you buy something new and special? Maybe a new phone, or a car – something you’ve been saving up for, for a long, long time. And when you finally get it, you look after it ever so carefully – after all, it is brand new, and you don’t want it to get ruined!

Multiply that feeling by about a thousand, or a million, and that’s how parents feel about their new-borns. It’s no wonder parents feel protective about the food they feed to their precious little babies and cute children.

Glass is the best packaging material for protecting baby food. The packaging of your food and drink affects the contents within. When you think about how close the packaging is to your food, it’s not surprising that everyone – not just parents – is worried the impact packaging can have on the food or drink.

Glass packaging ensures that your packaged food and drink remains safe. It doesn’t migrate or leach into the contents – making it the perfect choice for baby food packaging. With glass, the health hazards of packaging for infants and babies are significantly less.

The benefits of baby food in glass jars are not only limited to health. Glass packaging helps with food preservation and keeping the original taste of the content!  Imagine how easy it is to prepare and store your own home-made baby food! Not only can you be 100% sure of the contents of what you’re feeding your child, but you can also be sure that glass jars will protect and keep it well! Glass jars – not just safe for the baby, but also practical for the parent!