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Glass – The Total Package

Glass – The Total Package

Glass is one of the few things in life that offers a 100% guarantee. It’s 100% inert, meaning no toxic chemicals can leak into your food. While other packaging materials try to imitate the quality and purity of glass, if you’re serious about your health, there’s only one safe option –glass.

We all care about what we eat, right?  We care about ourselves, so we care about what goes into our bodies. In fact, healthy eating has become one of the no.1 things for consumers to worry about each and every day.

We want to look good, and feel great. But let’s be honest, sometimes it just gets tiring. All the tips, tricks, and five-a-day lists …the constant attention we give to our diets is almost too much to handle!

And what if we told you there was something so simple you could do that could make an instant difference to your healthy lifestyle? The answer is packaging. Actually, glass packaging.

You may be surprised to know that food packaging has been associated with a variety of health risks, ranging from obesity, to health hazards for infants and babies – the list goes on and on.

Here are the top 3 reasons where glass shows itself to be the Chuck Norris of packaging materials. 

1. Glass is inert – meaning it prevents contaminants from leaching into your food and drink. Think of it this way – glass protects your food from both inside and out. What’s more, what you see is what you get. And it doesn’t just stop in store; using glass at home has the same benefits – it’s dishwasher and microwave safe…that’s right, breathe that sigh of happiness!

2. Glass does everything, while doing nothing. Glass does nothing to change the taste of your food. Glass does nothing detrimental to your health. And glass does nothing hazardous to the environment after its use. Now who said doing nothing couldn’t bring anything positive.

3. The health benefits of glass keep growing and growing – not just in the food and beverage industry, but also in other sectors like the pharmaceutical industry. Did you know, that the Health Ministry in India is setting up an expert panel on packaging materials in the pharmaceutical sector?