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The best gifts in glass this Christmas

It’s that time of year again.



The temperatures have started to drop, the faint sounds of Wham and Mariah Carey are beginning to echo around city centre shops and at least one of your neighbour’s houses can be seen from space.

Yes, Christmas is just under three weeks away which means that many of us across the country are getting in the festive spirit and that means the hunt for the perfect present is well underway.

However, if you’re lagging behind and you haven’t even bought your first gift yet or you’re looking to have a more sustainable celebration this year, we’ve got you covered.

At Friends of Glass we’ve scoured the internet to find the best gifts you can give that come in glass.

Glass can be recycled repeatedly without a drop in quality and is also 100% recyclable making it the perfect material for sustainable gifts.

So, without further ado, here are our best picks for gifts in glass this Christmas.

Adnams Mulled Wine and Thermo Glasses Gift Set


Nothing says Christmas like a glass of mulled wine, whether it be enjoyed by the fire or bought for £6.50 at a Christmas market.

But now thanks to Adnams you can provide your loved ones with the festive tipple to enjoy over the festive period.

What’s more this giftset comes with two branded Thermo glasses to enjoy the drink at the ideal temperature and it’s under £25.


Personalised Yankee Candle


In need of a last-minute present for your Mum or Auntie? We’ve got the perfect solution.

This Yankee candle comes in an elegant glass jar which is perfect for reuse, but you can also personalise it with whatever scent, picture and message you want.

So not only will their home be filled with the scent of Christmas Magic, Black Cherry or Clean Cotton, they’ll also have a reminder of you on their shelf.

Reusable glass water bottle


We must say this every year but there really isn’t a better gift for someone who’s environmentally conscious than a reusable glass water bottle.

Glass’ inert quality means no chemicals are leached into anything that’s contained in a glass bottle so it’s simply best for taste and for your health.

On top of that, a reusable water bottle will also help cut down the amount of single-use plastic you use without breaking the bank, so gift such as this is a win-win for the environment and for your wallet.

Or if a water bottle isn’t your bag, a reusable coffee cup will have exactly the same effect, just for your hot drinks.

Sustainable Beauty Products


Carrying on with the sustainable trend, with a more environmentally aware world, many beauty brands have responded and moved to be more eco-friendly.

From prestige brands such as Clarins and Neal’s Yard to up and comers like BYBI and Herbivore, now is a good a time as any to buy a sustainable beauty product.

What’s more is that each of those brands package their product in glass meaning you can pop them in the recycling once you’re done with them as an added environmental benefit.

Perfumes and Aftershaves


If you’re wanting to splash the cash on your loved on this Christmas, then a perfume or aftershave is the way to go.

With most perfume bottles packaged in glass they can be easily recycled once you’re finished with them, as long as you remove the plastic top and pipette.

There’s plenty of choices out there but why not try Armani’s Acqua di Gio or LANCÔME’s Trésor.

Noveltea giftset


We’ve come full circle with our final gift recommendation with another giftset but this one is slightly different.

Alcoholic tea brand Noveltea are offering a bespoke all glass tea pot, either on its own or alongside bottles of its unique spirit, for the perfect last-minute gift for any tea lover.