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Can age define how much you know about recycling?

Can age define how much you know about recycling?

Our new survey highlighted that when it comes to awareness about glass recycling, age is a very important factor.


An impressive 96.4% of the younger Britons claimed to recycle but only 31.4% thought that glass was the most environmentally friendly food and drink packaging material. Also, our survey found that only just over 50% of 18-29 year-olds in the UK knew that glass could be recycled infinitely compared with 77% of 50-59 year-olds.


This made us wonder why the knowledge of glass recycling is not being passed through generations and what could be done to encourage Millennials to recycle more?


Just think how much energy we can save if everyone chose to buy their food and drink in glass! Not only that; recycling our glass bottles and jars means we’d reduce landfill costs and lower carbon emissions too. The jar or bottle you put in the bottle bank might be back on the shelf within 70 days. And every bottle counts, as recycling a single bottle could power a computer for 25 minutes or power your washing machine for 10 minutes*


We would love to hear what you think of our survey results; do you agree or disagree?


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* Given an average weight of 263g, the energy saving per bottle is 85kWh. (Source: British Glass)