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The Return of the Milk Bottle

The Return of the Milk Bottle

Over the past few weeks, the Friends of Glass team have noticed a number of articles in the news all talking about the latest trend in the milk market – glass bottles!

According to The Times, ethical hipsters are driving the return of glass milk bottles. Paul Lough, manager at Parker Dairies, whose customers include shoe designer Christian Louboutinand and tech companies in Hoxton and Shoreditch said: ‘We have started to become hip and trendy again’.


However, the return of milk bottle may not be limited to fashionable East London. Michael Mitchell, finance director at Pensworth Dairy in Wiltshire told the Financial Times that the company had upgraded its glass bottle production facility after strong sales in the past five years.


The Telegraph and the Guardian have also reported on the trend, with articles commenting that the once-familiar early morning clink of glass bottles of milk arriving on the doorstep is set to make a comeback.


It seems that the rise of home grocery deliveries and ever-busy family life are other reasons why early milkman deliveries are growing in popularity. Muller is leading the way with plans to expand its milkman service after buying milk&more from Dairy Crest last year.


Needless to say, here at Friends of Glass we’re very excited to see the comback of milk glass bottles. Not only does a freshly delivered glass milk bottle make your mornings that little bit extra special, glass is also best for your health, taste and endlessly recyclable, so gentle on the environment too.


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