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Raise a Glass for World Milk Day

Happy World Milk Day to all Friends of Glass.

Last year this day was celebrated in over 40 countries, which shows that milk is a global food and that it is part of most diets and cultures. Whether milk is a breakfast drink that goes with your porridge or tea in the morning or just in a glass on its own.



Slowly but steadily we are seeing glass bottle milk delivery services making a comeback. It just simply makes your mornings that little bit extra special giving you calcium with convenience and safety.

Did you know that glass acts as a natural barrier against bacteria as it’s virtually impermeable to oxygen, thus keeping milk full of its natural vitamins and minerals? Also, nothing keeps freshness better than glass, as it doesn’t interact with what it holds and protects the flavour.


Do you get your milk delivered? If so, do tell us why. Is it because milk just tastes better when it comes from a glass milk bottle, or because glass keeps the milk colder and fresher for longer? Or, perhaps you just like the memories it brings back from your childhood? We would love to hear your comments!

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