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What makes glass a healthy choice for you and the environment?

Choose glass, because we care about...

… the well-being of our planet


… our own health & well-being 


… the taste of products



The world around us is changing. Each day, we make countless decisions that can have an impact on our planet. It’s up to us to make sure those decisions reflect a more sustainable lifestyle – one that allows us to enjoy healthier lives, while respecting the environment. 

Even small steps can make a big difference. Those changes can be as simple as choosing safe and recyclable packaging, and that’s where glass comes in. Read on to find out how choosing and recycling glass is better for us, and better for the planet. 


Choosing glass means caring about the environment

Glass is 100% recyclable and reusable

Glass is endlessly recyclable and can be reused time and time again without losing quality or purity. This means recycled glass is always part of the recipe for new containers.  

When we choose glass and recycle it, we conserve natural resources. In a continuous bottle-to-bottle system, it can take as little as a month to get a bottle back on the shelves. So the water you bought last week may have been a sauce jar, a vial of perfume, or a beer bottle in its past life!  

Recycling glass saves raw materials, energy, and reduces carbon emissions

When properly collected, recycled glass becomes the main material needed to make new bottles. By recycling glass, we can help to conserve our planet’s natural resources like sand, soda ash, and limestone. 

Recycling also saves energy. Because recycled content melts at a lower temperature than raw materials, less energy is needed to produce new containers. Recycling a single glass bottle can save enough energy to power your computer for 25 minutes – that’s an entire episode of your favourite show! 

Reducing how much energy is used in production also cuts back on carbon emissions. And with each tonne of recycled content saving 670 kg of carbon emissions, there’s no slowing down.  

Choosing glass means caring about our health and well-being

Glass is natural ingredients – inside and out

Better, healthier living starts with the smaller choices: reducing waste, choosing natural products and packaging, and focusing on what makes us feel good. Glass is an easy place to start: it’s made entirely from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients.  

In fact, glass packaging is made of only four ingredients: sand, soda ash, limestone, and recycled glass. By choosing glass, we can help to reduce our dependence on synthetic materials by turning to more natural alternatives. 


Glass is inert

Glass bottles and jars are inert, and produced without chemicals that could harm our health. They need no other ingredients, chemicals or linings to protect our food and drink. Easy to sterilise, able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, and protecting food from light or air exposure, glass is ideal for storing a wide range of everyday products. 


Glass helps preserve products’ taste for longer

Glass keeps our food and drink fresher for longer, even once open. Since it’s tasteless and odourless, there’s no risk of glass packaging affecting taste or smell, keeping flavours as originally intended. This is especially important for products with longer shelf lives, such as wine or olive oil.  

But preserving taste is not all: the transparency of glass can also help us to avoid food waste, by making it easier to keep an eye on what’s in the fridge and act before food goes bad.  


Healthy living made easy with glass

Glass keeps us and the planet healthy, with natural ingredients, circular production, and mindful consumption habits. That’s why, when we choose and recycle glass packaging, we make a conscious choice to lead a healthier lifestyle that protects the environment.  

So the next time you go shopping, choose wisely, choose recyclable and safe packaging – choose glass!