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Friends of Glass invites you to Look Beyond the Label

Friends of Glass invites you to Look Beyond the Label

It’s easy to forget that there’s more to your food than ingredients. At Friends of Glass, our goal is to encourage people to think more about - not just what’s in their food – but what’s outside it as well.

People love food. Increasingly, food taste, sustainability and nutrition are things people consider carefully when doing their shopping. But how often do people stop to consider what’s on the outside of their food as well? Packaging plays a crucial role in the taste, sustainability and nutrition of food and beverages – but is often ignored completely.

That’s why we at Friend of Glass, have begun the Look Beyond the Label campaign. We believe that people should put just as much care and consideration into their food packaging as they do their food.


When it comes to packaging material, glass is the only 100% natural choice. Unlike other packaging materials which leach harmful chemicals into your food, glass is inert, meaning nothing goes into your food that you wouldn’t want there. Glass ensures that the flavours and the nutrients you put into glass containers remain exactly the same. Glass is also the only packaging material that can be recycled an infinite amount of times without losing quality or purity.

Not just the food industry benefits from glass, the medical field has always trusted glass because of its purity. Prof. Dieter Schrenk recently stated, “The issue of transfer of food packaging material-borne compounds into the food is important. Here, plastic polymers, metals and paper/cardboard have been shown in the past to be a relevant source for unwanted chemicals in food. These occur via migration of mostly intentionally added or process-related constituents. Although the risk of exposure towards food contaminated with such compounds is considered as low, more research is needed to clarify this issue scientifically.”


Why should people ‘Look Beyond the Label’?

•          Look beyond the label for the safest option
•          Look beyond the label for the most trusted option
•          Look beyond the label for the most natural & obvious option

Don’t just look at the label. Look beyond the label. Look for glass.