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Why Choose To Drink Beer In A Glass Bottle?

Why Choose To Drink Beer In A Glass Bottle?

Glass packaging perfectly preserves the taste of beer.

Choosing a glass bottle for your beer is never a bad idea. Here are just a couple reasons why.


Glass bottles consistently rank number one for protecting taste.

Why surround your perfect brew with a chemical liner? Glass is a natural choice. It’s the only craft beer packaging that doesn’t require a plastic liner, so there’s no affecting the beer’s taste.

An amber glass beer bottle provides 99.9% protection from UV rays for superior taste and aroma.

Glass containers and their closures are effective barriers to oxidation, ensuring freshness.


Glass bottles are the perfect choice for everyday craft beer experiences, special occasions and celebrations.

66% of craft beer drinkers prefer glass bottles over cans (17%).

72% of craft beer drinkers say glass bottles are best to drink from, with only 14% saying this about cans.

Glass bottles stay colder longer – and 53% of craft beer consumers agree; only 26% say this about cans.



Glass is 100% and endlessly recyclable – from recycling bin to store shelf in as little as 30 days.

Glass bottles are eco-friendly. One in two (51%) consumers rate glass bottles as extremely or very eco-friendly, compared to 33% for cans.

Glass is non-toxic and ocean safe. Glass bottles are made from sand and other natural ingredients, so they don’t harm oceans or marine life.



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