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5 Ways to Decorate For Christmas Using Glass

Snowflakes are falling, knitwear finds its way out of the closet, and the frost is biting our noses – winter has arrived!

So keep the hot cocoa coming and warm up by the fire with some of these DIYs, all using glass. Repurposing glass is a fantastic way to add a touch of shimmer to your Christmas decorations this year. You’ll have your house ready in no time!

Etched Snow Globe:


If you find yourself stuck in a snowstorm with nothing to do, try out this simple DIY to create your own special glass snow globe.

What you’ll need:
• Glass dome
• Etching cream
• Scotch tape
• Hole puncher

Directions: Stick tape with small hole punches onto the glass dome, and then dab etching cream in the punched holes. This will leave your glass dome looking snow sprinkled. Complete the snow globe by placing Christmas items you have laying around underneath the dome, such as mini houses or bottle brush trees.

Apartment Therapy – thanks for this genius idea!

Snowman Ornaments

Left over baby food jars can make great ornaments! This DIY for a snowman ornament is the perfect family activity to do as you stay warm and huddle around the fire.

What you’ll need:
• Clean and empty glass baby food jars
• White paint
• Paint brush

Directions: Take your baby food jar and give it a few layers of white paint. Then use the back of a paint brush to dab a little face on the front. Add the final touch by painting the lid black, giving Frosty a little top hat. Lastly, screw a nail into the top, attach a ribbon, and dangle your lovely creation off of the Christmas tree!

Thanks Crazy Little Projects for this truly Christmassy gift!

Pinecone Candles

Finding candles for decorating this December will be easy if you have mason jars lying around the house.

What you’ll need:
• Glass mason jars
• Anything wintery but we recommend pinecones, and lace
• Epsom salt
• Tea candles

Directions: Once you’ve glued lace and tied pinecones around the rim of the jar, fill it up with about an inch of salt for a snowy effect. Place a tea candle on top of the salt, and your candles will be shining up the night!

Thank you Crafts By Amanda for this DIY!

Kid-Friendly Milkshake Shooters

It can be difficult organize something for the kids on New Year’s Eve, but this year you can go out with a bang by whipping up some festive milkshakes in glasses decorated with sprinkles on the rim.

What you’ll need:
• Fountain glasses
• Melted chocolate
• Rainbow sprinkles
• Milkshakes

Direction: Rim the glasses by dipping them in melted chocolate first and then in a bowl of rainbow coloured sprinkles. Place them in the freezer to let them solidify. Fill up the glasses with delicious milkshakes and ring in the New Year with style!

Thanks Hey Gorgeous for the festive idea!

Pictures in A Mason Jar
We all know that homemade gifts are the most meaningful. Why not make something out of glass by simply turning a nice mason jar into a picture frame. What you’ll need:
• Glass mason jars
• Copies of photos
• Glitter or stickers for decoration

Directions: Print out some nice photos of you and your loved ones and stick them inside of the jar. Then decorate the outside with glitter or stickers or paint the inside. According to Home Stories A to Z, you could even transform it into a flower vase! Your family will be touched to open this thoughtful gift on Christmas morning.