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Why glass was the real star of the original Christmas story

Why glass was the real star of the original Christmas story

In the midst of all the excitement and chaos of the season, it’s easy to overlook the original Christmas story: the Nativity. Even more often overlooked is the starring role that glass played in the both the nativity and its historic context – proving that if there were ever a material for the ages... it's glass.  

They say we can learn a lot from the past, and if the ancient folks of Biblical times got anything right – it was their glass-centric attitude. Check out these nativity-themed glass moments… Perhaps they might even inspire you to rediscover glass this Christmas!   


1. Frankincense and Myrrh  

We all know the story – three wise men gifted a baby Jesus with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, the first Christmas gifts ever given. Although perfume might seem like an unusual choice of gift for a newborn baby , those men were certainly wise about their choice of packaging. In fact, glass perfume bottles have been around for nearly 3500 years! And given how laborious they were to make, they were often reused forever 

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2. Roman vases

Jesus was born into Roman times, and Romans were famous for their use of glass. Most notably, they met with recognition for creating beautifully designed vases and other vessels, often adorned with designs depicting Greek and Roman mythology. Why not emulate the Romans and gift a loved one an ornate glass vase this Christmas? Better yet, buy yourself one to display your seasonal flower arrangements: here are some of our favourites.

3. Food storage

A big part of the Nativity story is Mary and Joseph’s epic journey from Galilee to Judea in order to take part in Caesar’s census, resulting in their infamous stay in the stable. What you might not know? The food Mary and Joseph took with them on their journey was almost certainly stored in glass containers. Merchants and traders routinely packed foodstuffs in glass containers to ship across the Mediterranean and in Mary and Joseph’s time – virtually no other material was used to store food.  To this day, glass remains the safest and healthiest food storing option, being capable of preserving your food without any additives.  Find out more. 

So there you have it: glass really is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.