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5 DIY ideas to make your Halloween extra spooky

With Halloween just around the corner we thought we would share some great glass-themed easy to make ideas for this frightening season. Use these tutorials to get creative with your decorations and bring all the family and friends together.

Haunting Halloween cocktails

Use small decorations such as stickers, straws and miniature toys to add that extra oomph to your cocktail. We think that this black vodka and pomegranate cocktail not only tastes great, but is also the perfect drink to get your party started in spooky style. Full tutorial here.


Freaky nibbles

No Halloween house party is complete without some spooky and tasty Halloween treats. Go ahead and try to recreate this yummy graveyard chocolate moose – served in devilishly cute shot glasses.


Spooky ghost-globe project

This “Ghost Under Glass” Halloween decoration makes a great spooky project for Halloween decorating. To get started simply follow the instructions here.


Make sure your dinner party is a scream

Not going out for trick or treating this year? Host a spooky yet elegant Halloween gathering with colorful, bold table settings and decorations. Use big wine glasses and glass candleholders for that elegant touch. For more ideas follow the link here.


Halloween craft

Halloween isn’t complete without glass jar lanterns. This easy DIY craft project is fun to make, especially with your little ones. Here is a handy tutorial to get you started.