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At Friends of Glass, we love to see the arrival of exciting new bottle and jar designs. In the first of a new occasional series, we talk to those responsible for some of the most recent striking and innovative ideas.

Gaia Gilardini, Global Communications Director at Absolut and Fredrik Källqvist Glass Development Manager at manufacturer Ardagh, explain the background to the vodka brand’s award-winning Absolut Facet limited edition bottle:

Absolut Facet

Absolut’s award-winning Absolut Facet limited edition bottle

What was the original inspiration for the Absolut Facet bottle?

Absolut wanted to celebrate the unexpected and encourage people be open to the different journeys a night could take you. We believe the best nights are the ones that happen out of the blue – unplanned and spontaneous. This new bottle reflects that idea.

What makes this bottle so special?

The round edges of the Facet bottle have been cut like a gem, creating a number of facets that catch the light and give a stunning, sparkling effect as the light is reflected and bounced around. Along with a new asymmetric design and shape, a new vibrant blue colour was also created especially for the bottle.

How challenging was it to manufacture the bottle?

Achieving the multiple facets and creating the precise colour was particularly challenging. Applying such a complex design for the limited edition of two and half million bottles required painstaking and very detailed preparation, as did replicating the colour to the highest degree of consistency and to the required wall thickness. Each facet was individually designed, then cut and carefully arranged to fit together like a 3D puzzle.

What has the reaction been to the bottle?

We’re delighted to report that it was voted winner of the 2017 Luxury Packaging Award, Drinks Bottle & Primary Pack and ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2017 Technical Achievement of the Year category, both prestigious industry awards that recognise innovation in glass packaging. The judges commented “The creative intention is very clear and beautifully executed. A striking design which plays to the brand’s values very well. The branding is understated and confident, allowing the iconic silhouette to do the talking.”

What’s your favourite bottle design? Tell us about it – or better still, post a picture and tag us at Friends of Glass on Facebook, @FriendsofGlassUK Instagram or @FriendsGlassUK on twitter