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Add Colour to Your Kitchen with this DIY Tutorial

Add Colour to Your Kitchen with this DIY Tutorial

Love to get crafty? Then you will love this colourful do-it-yourself tutorial that will add glamour to your glassware.


All you need is some water-based paint, newspaper, glass jars and a little bit of imagination to turn a simple jar into a classy colour-dipped piece of glassware.


Try this easy 4-step method:

1. Before you start, prepare your jars by soaking them in soapy water for a few hours. Using a rough sponge and hot water, remove any labels or ink. Wait for the jars to dry.

2. Find a bowl to pour your paint in to. Make sure it’s about an inch deep and stir out any bubbles.

3. Dip the bottom of a jar into paint and gently turn the jar at a slight angle so that the paint begins to climb up the side of the glass. Keep rolling the jar in the paint until the glass is completely coated anywhere between a quarter to a half of the way up.

4. Once you are happy with your jar and how it’s coated, place it right side up on a few sheets of newspaper and let it dry.


Drying time depends on the paint and the size of your jars.

Like this tutorial? Why not give it a go? Happy dipping 🙂