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Get Ready for Spring with Glass

Soon spring will be upon us, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it. With frost thick on the ground and snow in London (who would of thought?!), the idea of spring cleaning will have most people cowering under the duvet! However, once the days get longer and lighter and daffodils start to bud, there’s nothing better than sprucing up the home ready to welcome the year ahead.

Make your own liquid soap


Why not make your own liquid soap? Beautifully stored in a glass pump dispenser, it will add wow factor to your bathroom.

What you’ll need:

A natural bar soap of choice. Homemade bar soaps usually work well
Distilled or filtered water
A dispenser (make one out of a mason jar by drilling a hole in the top and hot gluing on the top of a soap pump dispenser, here is a useful tutorial from Instrucktables)


28 x grams of finely grated bar soap (about 1/4 of a bar of soap)
4 x cups of water
Optional: Essential oils of your preference


Place the bar soap and water into a small saucepan
On medium heat, stir continuously until soap has fully dissolved into the water
Let cool completely and pour into the container you plan to use
After 24 hours, shake well to make sure the mixture has gelled completely and use as normal

Get organising


If you’re low on storage, spare or leftover glass jars are perfect for storing kitchen utensils, pens and pencils or crafting tools. Kilner jars work well and add to a vintage look.

Keep it fresh


There are many affodable and easily accessible methods of using glass to give your home a blog worthy look. One being fresh flowers in a glass jar. Clean and vibrant – inexpensive flowers such as simple daffodils, wild flowers or tulips will do.

A tip for a stunning luxe look is to spray a mason jar with silver or gold spray paint – a single peony placed in it looks so chic.

For a larger display you can use a selection of different sized glass jars, of varying widths and heights. Tie into the colour scheme of your home by masking taping off a section of the base of each jar and paint in colours of your choice. Martha Stewart chalk board paints work really well, see image above.

Lighten up


Brighten dark corners and show off sparkly surfaces with homemade lighting. Fill a large, wide glass jar with water and place a floating candle in the top. The jars can be left bare of decorated as you wish (wrapping raffia around the rim is one option, see image). This provides your room with soft atmospheric light that looks fantastic and costs next to nothing.

For more budget-friendly glass reuse ideas, click here.