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Recreate the look: lace jars for wedding drinks

Recreate the look: lace jars for wedding drinks

Having an autumn wedding? Why not incorporate this lace jar look for your reception drinks.

Reusing glass jars for wedding drinks is a fun and quirky way to help make your big day special. Easy to customize to suit your theme, jars can be painted or adorned and will show off the contents beautifully.


DIY steps:

1. Choose a lace (or preferred material) from a haberdashery, where you can see the exact size and feel the quality. It’s useful to take a jar with you to see how they look together.

2. Measure and cut your lace so each strip wraps nicely around the width of the jar. Always add a bit extra to account for any errors and the joining of patterns

3.Apply adhesive to the lace strip, and fit to the jar (trying to center it evenly). Before repeating ensure the surface you are working on is clean and completely glue-free.


Once guests have finished their drinks, jars can be handwashed and used as candle holders, or even as wedding favours if you save the lids.