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Top 5 new glass bottles and jars

Unique, quirky - creative designs that deserve recognition

We think glass is great for good reasons - being 100% recyclable and good for protecting food and our health. But sometimes it’s just the clever and creative design in glass that get us excited.

Duerr’s tactile citrus jar

Created for the UK’s oldest family-owned jam and marmalade company and winner of Best Packaging Design at the World Food Innovation Awards 2017, this jar has both the look and feel of real citrus fruit peel. Customers love repurposing the jars as cocktail glasses and candle holders.

Duerr’s tactile citrus jar  

Squadron 3030 retro vodka bottle  

Another award-winner is the Squadron 3030 vodka, which takes its name from a highly successful Polish World War 1 squadron who distilled their own vodka. The bottle design is inspired by the hip flasks that members of the squadron used, but it has been made in glass – giving a modern twist. The bottle scooped the Best Design gong at this year’s Glass Focus Awards.

Squadron 3030 retro vodka bottle

Precise pouring bottle

This bottle has been designed to allow connoisseurs to precisely pour the perfect beer. The asymmetrical neck allows the person pouring to influence the way beer runs into the glass, controlled by the angle the bottle is rotated. It has been designed for premium craft and gourmet beers. This bottle is currently used by South American brands, Paraná, Von Borste and Bodebrown. We hope to see brands in the UK using this design soon so we can all give it a try!


Sparkling Absolut facet iceberg bottle

This striking, intricately detailed bottle is a wonder to see. The complex pattern has individually designed facets. Each facet has been made as sharp as possible and points in different directions. This maximises the reflection of light, making the bottle sparkle on the shelf. The deep blue is unlike any other glass bottle on the market. The deep blue sparkle of this bottle has won it two awards at the Luxury Packaging Awards.

  Sparkling Absolut facet iceberg bottle

Pharmaceutical bottle repurposed for LoneWolf gin

We love this quirky use of a bottle designed originally for medicine products. It really works for gin. The LoneWolf’s gin is currently on display in BrewDog bars. Both companies are all about pushing the boundaries and doing things differently. We think this limited edition of 1,000 bottles really emphasises this sentiment.

Pharmaceutical bottle repurposed for LoneWolf gin