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A beer-drinkers’ guide to choosing the right glassware

A beer-drinkers’ guide to choosing the right glassware

As any beer lover who’s ever been to Belgium will know, the stemmed glass the beer is served in is all part of the experience. However, how many realise that the shape of the glass isn’t just for show, it influences how the beer will taste. In some cases, breweries have been known to design the glass first, and create the beer second!

While some breweries say it’s preferable to use the glassware designed for their specific brand of beer, this isn’t always an option. The good news is that Friends of Glass, with the help of Beer Sommelier of the Year 2014-2015 and Friends of Glass ambassador Jane Peyton, is on hand to help. Together we’ve created this handy glassware guide for beer-drinkers. It will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy all those fabulous flavours and aromas of every sort of beer to the full:




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