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Glass and Milk – the Perfect Partnership

Glass and Milk – the Perfect Partnership

An insight into the wonderful combination of fresh milk and glass.

With British dairy farmers making the headlines recently by protesting at the low price offered to them by supermarkets for their milk, it made us think: as well as a better price, wouldn’t it be great if our farmers could have better packaging for their milk too? And by better packaging we of course mean packaged the traditional way – in glass bottles.

With consumers constantly on demand for locally sourced, good quality produce; we think that glass bottles are the perfect way to showcase a premium product from our very own British milk farmers.

Those of you who are lucky enough to still have milk delivered in glass bottles to your doorstep will know; there’s nothing quite like it. Glass keeps milk fresh, cooler and taint-free. Glass is 100% recyclable and of course, endlessly reusable. It acts as a natural barrier against bacteria, as it’s virtually impermeable to oxygen, thus keeping milk full of its natural vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, unlike paper cartons or plastic, glass needs no additional chemical layer so there’s no danger of chemicals leaching into the milk.

Busy mum of two Alice Cooper says: “We get through gallons of milk but fortunately it’s all delivered to our doorstep in glass bottles every day by our local dairy.” Alice loves taking her children, Samuel (6) and Amy (3), to the dairy farm to see the cows getting milked. “It’s great that they can see directly where it comes from and I can also teach them about reuse and recycling too when we return the empty bottles, ready to be used again.”

So whether you’re a dairy farmer, a supermarket owner or just someone like Alice and her family who love the taste of cool, fresh milk, we hope you too can enjoy milk presented as it should be – in a glass bottle.

Have your say – would you prefer to buy your milk packaged in a glass bottle??