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Tastebuds go Proper Nutty for glass

Tastebuds go Proper Nutty for glass

We recently discovered the great Yorkshire-based peanut butter company, Proper Nutty.


Run by Stuart & Kathryn Franklin, the company began after the couple returned from a trip to New Zealand, where they fell in love with the artisan peanut butter being produced there. Back home, they began making their own batches from their kitchen table. Before long word got out and orders started rolling in. The couple’s experience in food retail meant they soon moved production to a small factory and started supplying boutique outlets and food shops.


Aside from creating a great tasting product, what really stood out about the company for us is its uncompromising stance on glass packaging.


Stuart Franklin, Founder of Proper Nutty explains: “In terms of using glass jars, to be honest we never even considered an alternative. Glass is by far the most suitable material for storing a product like peanut butter over time as it keeps it fresher for far longer than plastic. Glass is impermeable so there’s no potential for chemicals to leach in to the peanut butter. Glass is also the most ecologically sound choice. 90% of all the rubbish floating in the worlds oceans is plastic and we did not want to have a business that contributed to that!”


Proper Nutty’s specially sourced peanuts are slow roasted to give them a really intense flavour. This means as well as tasting great on toast, the natural nut butter also works wonders in other recipes. Check out some recipe ideas over on the Proper Nutty website: