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Glass – A Lifestyle Choice

Glass – A Lifestyle Choice

Glass packaging doesn't meddle with the quality of your food. It doesn't change the flavour, nor does it emit chemicals into the contents.

A recent article published in The Guardian lauds these health benefits of using glass packaging. The article brings to light the consumer’s concern with the chemicals in food packaging. Dieter Schrenk, professor of toxicology and food technology at the University of Kaiserslautern, notes that a lot of times our senses don’t even pick up on the chemicals released from certain packaging. This means that chemicals may be quietly leaching into our food without us even knowing. At the same time, many are also aware of “flavour scalping,” which is where food flavour is lost because of the packaging. But when it all comes down to, is that glass packaging is the number one option that quells these concerns.

Professor Dieter Schrenk remarks that there are “four enemies of food packaging: light, oxygen, time and heat.” Glass, however, combats these four enemies. Glass is made up of 100% natural materials, making it impossible for any artificial or toxic chemicals to alter the contents of the food packaging. Glass is also a durable material, meaning that it protects the food from outside factors such as heat.

And when it comes to taste, journalist Amy Flemming couldn’t have said it better, “How often do you find yourself bemoaning that horrid glassy taste in your jam? Never.” The concept of “flavour scalping” simply does not apply to glass packaging. It looks like glass is really the best solution for offering us peace of mind from these “bad guys.”

All it takes is using glass packaging, and you won’t have to worry about unhealthy toxins or food contamination. Glass packaging is the right step towards a healthy – and tasty – lifestyle.