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Why Glass Is Best For Your Child

Why Glass Is Best For Your Child

It is natural parental instinct to want what’s best for your child. This is especially relevant when it comes to food packaging, which is a growing matter of interest for young parents.

A recent survey found that 2 out of 3 EU parents are highly concerned with harmful packaging chemicals migrating into food products*.Glass eliminates that concern, as it is made out of 100% natural materials. In fact, glass is the sole packaging material that isn’t lined with a potentially harmful layer on the inside. That means one less thing to worry about when you spoon-feed your child from a glass container!

Consumer studies show that a majority of parents have already hopped aboard this glassy and classy trend and have started relying on glass packaging when it comes to storing their food and drink. When browsing the grocery store, 77% EU parents choose glass packaged baby food for their shopping cart*.

Even baby food brands such as the company Beech-Nut have taken actions to reinvent their brands with glass packaging. This nutrition company consulted with new mothers nationwide to create a brand that catered to their health standards. When it came to packaging, the mothers lobbied for the obvious choice – glass. Glass allows for the consumers to see the healthy product inside the packaging, while also offering a safe solution for food packaging. Looks like mothers are right once again – glass is simply the winner.

As parents we also feel responsible for securing the future of our children by being aware of our impact on the environment. Before we know it, the cute little ones will be off into the world making their own decisions as fully fledged grown-ups. It is now that we can make the differences that count for our children. Secure the future of your children by opting for glass packaging!

*In February 2014, the independent research agency, InSites Consulting, conducted a consumer survey in 11 European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland). Commissioned by FEVE, as part of the Friends of Glass campaign, over 8,000 consumers between the ages of 24 and 64 years were surveyed about their perception of food packaging related to food safety, environment and taste. 41% of the participants were parents; 75% were women, 25% were men. The results are representative for each country.