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Worry Less with Glass

Worry Less with Glass

Recent research in Italy shows that over 2.3 million tests on food are being done every year, yet 16% of Italian families still admit to being worried about the quality of their food. Your health and your food are tightly linked, so choose the packaging material that’s proven to be the best for both – Glass.

The Italian Ministry of Agriculture carries out 600,000 inspections, testing more than 200,000 samples of food products. This means that in Italy, as in other EU Countries, controls on food are high, as are food safety standards for consumers’ health.

Despite these encouraging figures, 4 million Italian families are worried about alterations, falsification and counterfeiting of food. People are also particularly worried about packaged food. 30% of Italians believe that tests carried out by the authorities are effective. Nevertheless, 51% of the people surveyed believe that certain product categories can escape tests, as well as believing that some tests can have flaws. From this point of view, the most important element to work on is transparency, as demonstrated by the 70% of families claiming to frequently read labels and pay close attention to quality food product brands that they are going to buy.

That’s where the benefits of glass come in. It’s our belief that consumers have to also look beyond the label – as packaging matters in food preservation too. Glass is 100% natural and inert: this means that your food will retain its original taste and aroma. A recent study from Greece has discovered that white wine retains its flavour and aroma when packaged in glass bottles, as opposed to being packaged in a Bag in a Box. In addition, another recent study from Italy has found that one of Italy’s national food emblems – tomato sauce – is best preserved in glass, as it’s a pure and natural product which ensures no migration between the packaging and the contents.

‘Transparency’ is what we look for when it comes to food choices and our health – and what’s better than glass, which is the most transparent packaging material – what you see, is what you get!

So…what packaging are you going to choose next time you go shopping?