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#friendsofglass cookery evening at the Wrenkh Cooking Salon in Vienna

#friendsofglass cookery evening at the Wrenkh Cooking Salon in Vienna

Austrian food bloggers are #friendsofglass

“health – pleasure – together – glass” was the motto for the inspiring Friends of Glass cookery evening staged on 9 November 2017 at the Wrenkh Cooking Salon in Vienna. Andrea Petrasch of Vetropack Austria and Harald Hauke of Austria Glas Recycling welcomed numerous bloggers who had accepted their invitations on behalf of Friends of Glass. The attendees cooked a menu of products packaged in glass together. As well as taking advantage of the opportunity to find out about the advantages of the packaging material glass with regard to health and sustainability, the attendees were also shown culinary tricks and tips by Karl Wrenkh – and they clearly had a ball!


Karl Wrenkh, the director of the Cooking Salon and renowned restaurant at Bauernmarkt 10 in Vienna, used numerous products packaged in glass for his recipes. The sustainable menu was a starting point for discussion of the healthiest packaging, the sustainability aspect of recycling and the optimal preservation of foodstuffs – for it is vital to pay attention not only to the content of dishes and drinks since packaging also plays a key role in the healthiness of foodstuffs. Glass is inert and impermeable, so there are no interactions between glass packaging and the product contained. A glass container is like a safe which protects its valuable content and preserves it for a long period.


In a laid-back atmosphere the attendees chopped, fried, braised, spiced and seasoned – the exciting menu ranged from chanterelle stroganoff through Szegedin sour vegetables, fish in a surprise package, beef tartare, game ragout and porcini risotto with glass-preserved mushrooms to pancakes and Austrian-style crepes with jam. After everyone had laid and decorated the dining tables, the potpourri of dishes was placed on platters and dishes ‒ a delicious feast which everyone was free to tuck into as they pleased.


In all, a successful evening of healthy, sustainable cooking and conviviality was enjoyed by everyone ‒ many thanks to all the bloggers who took up our invitation.