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Get cooking with Recipes in Glass!

Get cooking with Recipes in Glass!

Friends of Glass loves good taste – and nothing tastes better than it does in glass!

Glass packaging preserves its contents not only in terms of chemicals and general health, but also in terms of taste. And what better way to learn more about these awesome properties of glass packaging, than to learn about it hands on with someone who knows this for sure?

The Friends of Glass European community have organised just that – an opportunity for some lucky European bloggers to attend a fun workshop – a Glassware Party – to learn more about the benefits of glass packaging for food and taste. Spending the day with chefs and nutritionists, these bloggers will be able to learn more about why glass packaging is the best choice, all while trying out some cool recipes in glass!

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The Glassware Parties kicked off in London, UK on the 5th of September, and will continue through Spain, Germany, Italy and France in the coming weeks. And from what we heard from the UK event – everyone had a blast!

But everyone can be a part of this super cool project – if you have an awesome Recipe in Glass, share it with us on our Recipes in Glass Facebook App – and you’ll be in the running to win a super fun glassy gift basket full of delicious treats!

Get inspired for your own recipes from the below video – and you can find the recipes here!