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Glass = Health

A few weeks ago we came across the article “That Plastic Container You Microwave In Could Be Super-Toxic” from Time, which raises some interesting points about food safety and the notion that a "Microwave-safe" label doesn't necessarily mean what you may think it does.

According to the article, several chemicals in pliable plastic can leach into your food when you heat it, and even if you’re diligent enough to transfer the food to a bowl or plate labelled “microwave-safe”, you still may not be fully protected.

We were happy to hear that in order to reduce unnecessary risk, experts advise everyone to microwave food in glass or ceramic containers. Did you know that every element which glass is made from is natural and always has been? Sand, soda ash, and limestone are just a few of the original elements that haven’t changed since glass was discovered more than some 5,000 years ago. Also, glass is completely inert so no chemical layer required to protect the food and drink it contains.


Here are some of our top picks of glass containers to use:

FÖRTROLIG glass food container from Ikea (£2)


Glasslock Plus Containers Pack from Container Store (£25)


Garden Pack Lunch Cubes container-pack of four from Wean Green (£30)


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