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The Wonders of Water

The Wonders of Water

Discover how there water varies across Europe. There is more to water than you might think!

We are well into the summer months and luckily the sun has been shining across the continent for the most part. It is a great time to get out into the fresh air, embrace the heat, add a bit of colour to our skin and get some Vitamin D. But also with great heat comes an even greater need for hydration, and here is where a glass of water rises to the call of duty, keeping us cool when the temperature turns itself up.

Water is a lot more complex and sophisticated than you would expect, especially in Europe. When it comes to water, there are a wide range of flavours to tickle our tastebuds. Combine this with glass which is inert and impermeable, meaning it doesn’t interact with any chemicals or substances and you have water preserved in its original form and tasting as intended. Whether you prefer your water still or sparkling, take a bit of time tasting it and let it linger on your tongue and see for yourself.


Water Preferences

According to Europe’s First Water Sommelier and our Taste Expert, Arno Steguweit, Germans prefer sparkling while the Italians and Spanish prefer still water.
Steguweit says, “You will hardly find a Spanish person drinking a sparkling water. The same in Italy, they do drink and they intend to drink a sparkling water but normally they are on the still side, whereas they Germans really prefer sparkling.” So where does your loyalty lie when it comes to this thirst quencher? Do you drink it on its own or does it accompany your coffee first thing in the morning?


A Difference of Taste

European tastes differ across the continent from sweet, bland and bitter to salty, sour, spicy and cool. The diverse weather conditions such as the warm temperatures in the Mediterranean and the cooler climates in more northerly regions all play a part when it comes to food and drink that we consume. We can’t forget the traditions embedded in various cultures for generations  when it comes to cuisine. Every country has its signature dishes, and water is something we need in order to function, playing a major role in food and drink.


Don’t believe us? Check out our taste map and to find out more! If you’re curious to see where your taste compares with other European citizens, take our taste quiz and #MapYourTaste.