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Glass Improves Taste

Glass isn’t just limited to your supermarket shelves. Restaurateurs all over the world are taking advantage of the benefits glass containers provide for food. From four-star Michelin restaurants to local take-aways, glass is the only packaging material that won’t interfere with the taste of food.

If you live in Nantes (France) you’re in luck as there are now two takeaway restaurants serving meals in glass jars in the city.

After 15 years working in a restaurant in Nantes, Laurent Lebouler opened Ozon, a chic gourmet canteen. Concentrating on providing healthy meals rather than junk food, Lebouler decided to take the concept one step further and package the meals in glass jars. Glass was selected as it is the only packaging material that can maintain the taste and freshness of the food.

Glass is also sustainable – an important consideration for the chef. Lebouler’s approach to sustainability includes using seasonal produce and delivering the glass jars of yummy food by bicycle. Cutlery is made from biodegradable plant-based plastics as Lebouler calculated that it was a more environmentally friendly material than wood. But he couldn’t find a more sustainable solution than glass!

The second café in Nantes using glass jars to serve food is Pep’s. The idea of using glass jars came after a visit to New York’s famous Chelsea Market in 2010 where the owners discovered the art of meals in glass jars. Today Pep’s offers a range of simple dishes which are produced using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Pep’s charge a €1 deposit on each glass jar as they want them back – preferring to reuse them rather than create new glass jars.